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About us:

Business, Mining and advertising Groups multi-task companies is active in the gold mine industry, has the knowledge of gold processing with different methods, including cyanuria. The company is the owner of several gold mines and also is connected to at least 20 other gold mine owners,  having carte blanche to provide investment, building factories, gold processing, gold concentrate factory and gold refinery in Iran, to conclude a contract as the main party and with carte blanche.

So, we invite real person and legal person and also active gold factories and banks to supply investment and mining machineries.

Matchless and countless benefits for investor, for the first time in the world; the company is the only company in the middle East that provides the best conditions for investment, the best cooperation benefits and the best and the most benefits, without taxes for contributors. Some appropriate benefits for brokers have been considered and their contract will be concluded at the  same time with the main contract of investment.

The company is also ready to provide the investment for gold mines, using different methods such as finance, joint venture, selling shares, bank guarantee and guarantee of the active and productive gold bar factory the company has the knowledge of extraction, mining and  processing gold, using open pit method. The company is ready to talking to real and legal people for establishing gold processing factory, establishing concentrate of gold factory, gold refinery factory in the demanding countries.

Every investment, gold buyers and active factories in the gold industry is welcomed by the company for negotiation and cooperation. We are ready to reply invitation in a very short time and be present in the inviting country.

The scope of activity:

Investee in the gold mine industry, inviting to cooperation in funding for gold mines, buyer of mining machineries, buyer of modern knowledge of gold extraction and mining,  buyer of knowledge of turquoise extraction, gold concentrate trade, standard gold trade, buyer of a second-handed production line of gold concentrate, export of gold products (bracelet, jewelries, etc.).

Conditions of negotiation

  • Sending an official invitation letter in the name of managing director and delegation at least 4+1 people to get visa.
  • Return -Ticket and hotel reservation for our team in your country, paying the costs and sending its confirmation to this complex.
  • Paying the expenditures of team, in addition to insurance, tax and unpredicted expenses, 5000 $ to the foreign an announced bank account by letters and documented.
  • Paying 100000 $ to announced swift account as irreversible xpenses and of the law of the company for the negotiation meeting.
  • Sending resume and proposal.
  • The required guarantee and deposit for the embassy of your country in Iran for getting visa for the team (the confirmation letter)

Other quick suggestions:

Ready to supply specialist gold processing equipment

Factory manager, various department managers

Buy gold sales (lowest possible salaries)

To carry out projects of gold processing projects with the lowest price

Participation in conciliation plans

Buy Gold Concentrate

Selling Gold Concentrate

Buy second-hand machines

Buy car pencil

Order construction of cars

Exchange site link unit

Insert an advertisement on the site

Buy gold factory in Iran with the help of bank guarantee

We are interested in discussing and contributing to your collection

Ready to work in the form of a contract

گروه شرکتای لبخند کاغذی(lakagold) کپی رایت کلیه حقوق معنوی و مادی و مدنی این سایت بدون اخذ اجازه کتبی مجاز نیست و پیگرد قانونی دارد )

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