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Investing in Gold Mine Outside Iran

Ready to invest in gold mines

Partnership, processing plant, refinery construction

Negotiating Conditions :

our company is ready to visit the mentioned mine in Applicant country. Accordingly, after visiting the mine, negotiating with the owner, professional assessment of the mentioned mine’s value, inquiry from the related organizations and also negotiating with the foreign investment relations of Applicant country, along with the inquiring the necessary conditions for investment, residency conditions, the conditions of registering  a company and also obtaining  information from the related organization about refining and processing gold, obtaining the necessary confirmation, packaging the whole permits and authorizations, obtaining permission for constructing a gold processing factory, inquiries, negotiating with the related organizations, legitimacy of purchase or investment, and constructing a processing factory, presenting the necessary documents in case an agreement was reached with the mine’s owner (agreed price) and finalization of economic feasibility and profitability ( based on the group’s professional assessment) this company would proceed on making the purchasing preparation and investment with the condition of concluding the contract in a period of  3 to 6 months ( all the mentioned operations and future actions will be announced and communicated) and providing the needed capital for purchasing the mine and constructing the processing and refining gold bullions.(providing credit). This company will have no financial obligations or guarantees before the required assessments including (experiments, assessments, professional examinations, inquiry of authorizations, obtaining the authorization for constructing the processing factory and the necessities for investing and constructing the factory). The purchase or providing the capital based on the agreements, will result in payments and commitments. Providing the needed capital for purchasing or investment including the conditions and methods of special provision of this company, foreign capital, bartering, exporting gold artifacts or other methods are included in the conditions of this company, in case of formulating a contract, the contents, conditions and the agreement of the owner will be decided on. The host is responsible for all the expenses including the round-trip ticket of Iran- Applicant country  for the dispatched team (names are as in the attachment), hotel, residency expenses and transfer in Applicant country and all the other collaterals and not foreseen costs.


The itinerary of this Company during their stay in Capitalist country:

  • Sending the confirmation of the hotel and plane tickets reservation of the group
  • Meeting and negotiating with the mine’s owner
  • Visiting the mine and taking soil and stone samples
  • Negotiating with a number of banks for bank communication, obtaining the deposition and transaction conditions.
  • Negotiating with the Central Bank for transaction, export and import of gold and also obtaining conditions and privileges that would be given to the producer.
  • Negotiating with the Gold Union Chief(conditions of commerce and trading gold and gold artifacts)
  • Negotiating with the foreign investment relations organizations in Capitalist country, notification of conditions of investment and permission of investment and construction of gold processing factory.
  • Giving this company one copy of the photos and videos taken by the host from the negotiations in

       Capitalized Commitment:
       Fifty thousand Euros before sending the company's expert team.
       Two hundred thousand euros to be paid when signing a contract.
       Three hundred thousand euro pledge of bank guarantee when signing the contract.

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